Tilapia Recipes

Tilapia is a white fish, breaded in farms that give you a yummy treat that is delicious and sweet in flavor. This breed of fish is one of the newest editions in the stores of west, though it is a much demanded and loved fish in the vast land of Africa and Asia.

The recipes of tilapia mentioned here are healthy and are delicious as well. It is rich in fatty acid namely omega 3, hence being excellent for heart, moreover, it is low in fat and calories. So weight conscious people go in for this.

There are a number of yummy and healthy Tilapia recipes that have been loved people from ancient times. There are some new as well, so go ahead and enjoy some of these recipes listed below.

Jalapeños with Sautéed Tilapia:

All you need for this yummy eatable: Two bones of Tilapia, butter one teaspoon, juice of jalapeño one teaspoon, jalapeños pickled, and diced 1/3 mug, 1 tsp vinegar red wine, 1/4 tsp powdered garlic, 1/4 tsp powdered onion.

mix together the garlic powder, onion powder, butter, jalapeño juice, and vinegar red wine, until you have melted the butter. Plunge the two fillets Tilapia in this mixture and then put them unto a frying pan, with that let the remaining mixture be poured unto them. Let the jalapeños be places on the open portion of the pan, while sautéing till it is cooked. During the cooking make sure that you turn the fishes atleast once during the entire process of cooking. Finally when the fish is cooked then pour the jalapeños that has been sautéed over the dish. Enjoy the ready to serve yummy dish.

Tilapia Grilled Mango: 4 pieces of Tilapia, 4 seeded chilies Serrano, mango 2 cups, chopped and pealed, peeled shallots 2, minced garlic 3 teaspoons, 1/3 tea cup vinegar cider, orange fresh juice ¼ of a cup, chopped and fresh 1 teaspoon thyme, olive oil 2 teaspoon, salt ¼ teaspoon, spray for cooking vegetables.

Put the garlic, shallots, and chilies in a good and checked food mixer, mix them well, until they all are grinned and mixed well. With that add thyme, olive oil, vinegar, mango, mango, and orange juice, mix till the entire ingredients are mixed and minced well. Take the fish which has been well covered with the prepared orange juice, let this be refrigerated for marinating for at least 20 minutes. After marinating the fish for 20 minutes separate it from the marinated gravy, and put the marinade in a pan and boil it well. After boiling let it simmer on the gas for five minutes. Then put the fish on the pan or even if you wish to grill that you had covered with the vegetable spray. Let it then cook for 4 minutes and then there’s you dish ready to be served hot and yummy.


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