Tilapia – A Fish for All Cuisines and Cooks

When most people think about dinner, fish never crosses their minds. Yet, it is known as one of the most nutritious meals anywhere. There are different types of fish available in the market and while this is the case, tilapia is one of the most famous ones. If you talked about it 5 years back, most people would have no idea of what you are talking about but it has gained popularity as one of the preferred cuisines and more cooks are falling in love with it. It is precisely due to this fact that tilapia fish benefits had become so popular.

Tilapia farming was introduced in America sometime in 1959 and there are some old examples that depict tilapia farming in areas such as Egypt. But what exactly makes tilapia one of the most preferred fishes.

  • For starters, when these are gotten from tilapia farm, they are normally fresh an aspect that makes them appealing.
  • The manner in which they are packaged is another reason that makes these popular in many kitchens. The fillets can be bought in packages that are re-sealable. These have extra info about nutrition and recipes and it is also due to this feature that most cooks find it the perfect choice. It makes preparation easy and ensures that the cooking comes off perfectly.
  • The taste of this fish is something else makes it a popular choice. it is sweet and at the same time mild and the meat is often white/flaky.
  • There are different recipes for the fish and these include but are not limited to stir fried, baked, fan fried and broiled among others.
  • With these, you can also make quick meals by topping it up with different things such as margarine, bread crumbs and sliced lemons.

Tilapia farming is also what makes it easy for people to access these and since in the last couple of years their popularity has grown it has also become easy to start a tilapia farm. This in turn makes it easy for people from different walks of life and located in different regions to get the fish. More importantly, the health benefits associated with tilapia have also lead to its increasing popularity on cooks’ menus and in major cuisines. For instance if you take 3.5 ounces you get 98 calories and at least 18.5 protein grams. Note that this is without any saturated fats and without cholesterol. The next time you are thinking about healthy food, consider getting tilapia.


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