Is Tilapia Fish Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

Most pregnant mothers understand that seafood is a category of food that they should be particularly careful of during their gestation.  Is tilapia fish oil included in that warning?  “Is tilapia fish oil safe during pregnancy? This is the question we want to discuss within this article.

Tilapia Fish oil is an excellent supplement that has caused much controversy in the medical establishment.  For expectant mothers, the controversy is compounded because the mother is providing not only for herself, but also for her baby during a very critical time.  The issue is further complicated by the fact that tilapia fish oil may be safe for some and not for others.  Please consult your health care provider as she will be best able to tell you if taking tilapia fish oil is safe and beneficial for you during pregnancy.  That being said, we can cover the general issues that are involved with taking tilapia fish oil supplements during pregnancy.

The main issue with taking tilapia fish oil during pregnancy is the mercury and other heavy metals that may be in the tilapia fish oil.  These heavy metals have been shown to have negative effects on the developing baby, especially on the brain and nervous system’s development.  Generally, the better the tilapia fish oil, the better the quality of tilapia fish oil and the less heavy metals will be in the oil.

Another issue that your health care provider may consider before allowing you to take these supplements is whether or not tilapia fish oil’s blood thinning properties will help you or endanger you.  Your blood volume is already expanding and thinning out as you prepare to birth your baby; if you already have a clotting disorder, anemia, or other similar situation in which you might already bleed more, tilapia fish oil might be contraindicated.

Taking quality omega 3 and pregnancy multi-vitamin supplements during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial if they are high quality supplements.  With tilapia fish oil, look for a pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled oil that is free of heavy metals, harvested from organic tilapia fish, etc.  Molecularly distilled tilapia fish oil is pricier than their generic counterparts, but the benefits involved are immense.  Another reason for getting high quality tilapia fish oil is that you can count on the oil being as nutritious as possible and without other filler oils.  Some unscrupulous companies actually put other oils in with tilapia fish oil and sell it at low prices. Lastly, be sure that you discuss with your practitioner how much dha during pregnancy you should take, as most tilapia fish oils have a very certain ratio of their fatty acids.

Here is the bottom line for any and all tilapia fish oil and pregnancy questions.  First, check with your OB, midwife, or other health care provider to make sure that taking the supplements will not pose any threats to your and your baby’s safety.  Secondly, select a quality oil that has been molecularity distilled so as to get all the benefits and no harmful substances from each capsule.  Your own body and your baby will thank you for your efforts.


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