Tilapia – is it good or bad for you

Tilapia is one among the most commonly available fishes with firm white flesh. Mostly frequently it is raised in farms. People can buy either fresh or frozen tilapia fishes. They can cook this fish in different methods. It is not expensive and it has a mild or neutral taste. This means it can be cooked with variety of marinades and sauces. Tilapia species is considered a good protein source and omega 3 fatty acids as well. Studies showed that 100 grams of tilapia contains only 1.70 grams of fatty substances and 96 calories. There are no considerable amount of fiber, sugar and carbohydrates. Even this amount of serving is a good potassium source containing 302 milligrams in a serving. Some other minerals and nutrients people can obtain from this fish include phosphorous, fol ate and vitamin D. These can answer tilapia fish benefits People can consider the nutrition facts of tilapia to decide whether it is good for their health or not.

Tilapia is also a source of protein. Tilapia recipes are healthy alternatives to white meats and red meats. Protein is an essential nutrient for maintaining and building healthy bones, skin and muscles. It also helps in healthy development and growth during adolescence and childhood as well as pregnancy. The daily suggested protein intake for a person on a diet of 2000 calorie is 50 grams. 100 gram of tilapia serving has protein of about 20.08 grams. Omega 3 fatty acid is also called polyunsaturated fat that helps with overall growth and development of body. It also aids in healthy brain function and reducing the heart disease. Since this fat cannot be produced by the body naturally, people have to take foods containing it. When compared with fattier fishes like salmon and sardines tilapia contains lower fatty acids. Since the amount of fat is less people can include in their weight loss diet without worrying about gaining weight again. The nutritional profile of tilapia and the answer for the question tilapia fish benefits relies on the cooking method and how much it is served. Cooking methods such as steaming, poaching and roasting can works well with this fish. Even tilapia fishes can be grilled and this adds more flavor to the recipes without increasing the amount of calories. Using vegetable based sauces like tomato sauce and salsa or fresh herbs rather than butter or cream can keep the calorie intake low as possible. Sometimes tilapia fishes become unhealthy for people when fish farms are not properly managed. This can lead to negative effects on the atmosphere including water pollution and spread of disease. If you like to buy healthy and well grown tilapia fishes, you can visit nearby tilapia farms to check if the farm is maintaining properly and the water is recycled regularly. You can buy tilapia fishes from such farms to ensure food as well as health safety. Experts suggest people to buy fresh tilapia rather than frozen tilapia to enjoy the fresh flavor of tilapia.


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