Getting nutritional facts of Tilapia sea food

When you would like to have healthy and long life, it is must to eat more sea foods having full of healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. All types of sea foods are commonly healthy options for the best growth of the human body and mind. Among several numbers of sea foods, tilapia is a preferable choice of many people. You may think is tilapia good for you and can you often take it? Tilapia is nothing but a white fleshed fresh and healthy sea food having numerous amounts of healthy benefits for the humans. When it comes to the tilapia fish, you don’t need to worry because it is an easily available choice of fish in your local market. First of all, you have to know different nutritional facts and healthy benefits of tilapia fish and how they are healthy for human beings. 

Nutritional facts of Tilapia:

The experts clear your doubts related to is tilapia good for you and your health with these detailed facts about its nutrients. These nutritional facts are actually for the 1 ounce or 28 g of serving size. 

Calories – 36 

Total fat – 1 g

Saturated fat – 0 g

Trans fat – 1 g

Cholesterol – 16 mg

Total carbohydrate – 0 g

Sodium – 16 mg

Sugars – 0 g

Dietary fiber – 0 g

Protein – 7 g

Calcium – 0 %

Vitamin A – 0 %

Iron – 1 %

Vitamin C – 0 %

Vitamin B6 – 2 %

Niacin – 7 %

Thiamin – 2 %

Pantothenic acid – 2 %

Though it has higher level of protein content and low level of fat and cholesterol, it is the best sea food for the weight losing benefits of the people. When you have planned to lose unwanted body weight, you can add tilapia fish in your daily diet. It is one of the best and result driven weight loss food with full of healthy protein and nutrients. 

If you generally don’t like to eat fishy sea food, tilapia is a right choice because it has mild flavor and white flesh. Thus, it is a perfect choice of sea food for all kinds of humans. 

One of the main healthy aspects in this fish is that there is no saturated fat. Hence, tilapia is the best option for your daily healthy diet. When you often consume original and sea grown tilapia in the diet, you can obtain full healthy benefits with longer life. Don’t go for the farmed tilapia fishes because they fed in a different manner. Thus, its nutritional values are varied from the wild tilapia sea foods. It is advisable to choose only the wild or sea grown natural tilapia sea foods imported from the various regions of the world. Wild tilapia can only give you full of these nutritional benefits with excessive amount of protein, and lower amount of fat and cholesterol content. It is also suitable sea food for the heart patients and diabetes patients because there are no harmful fat and higher sugar levels in tilapia.


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