Health benefits of eating tilapia fish

Tilapia is a white fish containing low calories and fat. The mild flavor of tilapia can change the mind of people who do not love fish flavor. This fish fits into several seafood recipes and gets the flavor of other cooking ingredients. People can keep the tilapia recipes low in fat by grilling fillets on the backyard barbecue and broiling them in the oven. When people think about the tilapia nutrition they can find the tilapia recipes more useful in obtaining protein and essential fatty acids. Calories are energy measurements that the human body metabolizes them from food. Protein, fat and carbohydrates are the macro nutrients contributing to the caloric value of food. A total amount of less than 150 calories are present in a four ounce broiled tilapia fillet. Fried and battered tilapia recipes has more calories than grilled or broiled tilapia. People require 10 to 35 percent calories from the protein for supporting their tissue repair and muscle growth.

If a person consumes a diet with 2,200 calories, he requires protein grams ranging between 55 and 193 daily. A 4 ounce of tilapia can offer him 30 grams of daily protein. This can offer 4 calories for each gram of protein which equals to 120 calories obtained from protein. Carbohydrates and fats are other nutrients people can obtain from the tilapia recipes. Carbohydrates break down to form the primary fuel source of the body called glucose. Fat is another nutrient that gives energy. Essential fats also help in absorbing certain vitamins and secreting certain hormone. The majority of total calorie intake must come from carbohydrates. Around 25 percent calorie intake must come from fat. People can get help from a nutritionist to know how much they should eat tilapia suiting their diet condition.

Vitamin B12 has many functions throughout the body. This vitamin is highly present in tilapia. B12 is important for RBC to form properly. Human brain depends on this vitamin for neurological function as well as to protect the nerve endings. Adults require 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 daily to support all the functions. 4 ounce of tilapia portion can offer 2.1 micrograms of B12 which almost meets the daily requirement. Potassium is another essential mineral included in the list of tilapia nutrition. It is an electrolyte that works with sodium for balancing fluid in the body. Normal level of balance let nerves to communicate by sending signals from the brain. Even having a well fluid balance also let muscles relax and contract. People may feel fatigued or nauseated when the electrolytes in their body get depleted during heavy workouts. They can keep their body healthy and balanced by consuming the suggested amount of potassium daily.4 ounces of tilapia can serve them 450 milligrams of potassium. People can find tilapia fish species available easily in their area. They can try different tilapia recipes daily to get these essential nutrients for their body. People in a weight loss diet have to make sure that they use right ingredients with tilapia to make a low fat and low calorie recipe.


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